The Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra is a JDM icon gathering a huge fan base and now, Toyota has unveiled the next one. Let’s look at the history of the Supra and why it’s so popular.

In 1978, the Toyota Celica Supra was released. It was supposed to be a sportier version of the Celica but really wasn’t anything special. It was rear wheel drive and had a bit more power. After that came the MKII or the A50. It was co-developed with Lotus though that still didn’t receive the same cult following that the later version still has today.

In 1986 the Supra became its own model splitting from the Celica. In came the MKIII or the A70. It more power however it gained in weight quite a bit. In 1992, in came the 1JZ engine. It was way better than the old engine which had come from one of Toyota’s cars in the 1960’s.

In comes the most iconic Supra of them all, the MKIV (it appeared in the first Fast & Furious movie). It was sleeker, lighter and more powerful. It also had the best stopping distance time of any production car of it’s time. Another thing, it has the 2JZ engine.

The MKV Toyota Supra

The 2JZ is one the greatest engines of all time. The reason? Because of it’s tuning status. You could crank it up to 800 horsepower with all of the original internals and it would still not break. It was built like a rock and could handle almost anything thrown at it. Now the difference between it and the 1JZ was that it had more power and was more durable.

The Toyota was fast, reliable and good looking for a much cheaper price than it’s competitors. Sadly though, Toyota stopped selling them around the world in 2002 however, Toyota has partnered up with BMW and released a new one.

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