My personal opinion on Corvette going mid-engined

Since it’s beginning, corvette has been front engined but now, they are switching things up a bit.

When the first Corvette came out, it was front engined and it has remained like that since. Corvette was specifically built to compete with European sports cars which were most of the time mid-engined.

Zora Arkus-Duntov (also known as the father of Corvette) was the first to mention building a mid-engine Corvette in the fifties and the sixties. It would have definitely improved handling, weight distribution, comfort, and stability. The problem was that if they had the car be mid-engined, they would have to put a six-cylinder engine instead of a V8 (which was weird because all of the European companies were putting V12’s in their cars).

Now, Corvette has been spied testing a mid-engine car, something that could finally challenge the corporation’s European competitors. I think it looks great. It’s very sleek and definitely looks like it’s more aimed at Ferrari and Mclaren then before. Of course, since it will debut on July 18 this year, we will have to wait till we can really judge the machine. Also, it sounds really good. A lot more meaty than the C7 Corvette.

Going mid-engined should have happened years ago and though and it is late, I’m glad that it is finally coming. The Corvette has a lot of high expectations riding on its shoulders so I hope it turns out good but we will have to wait till July 18th.

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