The history of AMG

AMG is a tuning company that has the best reputation for building the craziest Mercedes vehicles to exist.

The Mercedes AMG SLS

AMG was started by two German men named Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher in 1967. They were both Mercedes employees that were developing an engine for the companies racing division however, just while they were finishing up their engine, the racing division shut down. In their spare time though, the two men put their later completed engine in a 300 SE Mercedes sedan and entered it in a touring car championship (even though they weren’t supposed too).

They ended up doing really well as they completely beat everyone in their sedan. A year later, Werner and Melcher both quit their jobs and founded AMG in Aufrecht’s basement. To start on their mission to create racing Mercedes for the road, they took a 300 SEL (which was a luxury model and the fastest sedan in the world at the time because of its huge engine) and modified it heavily. What they did was replace a lot of the engine parts, give it a wider stance and add some aluminum doors.

When the car was unveiled at a race in Belgium (24 hours of Spa), it took everyones breathes away. In an interview, Aufrecht called it their most successful car. It beat all of the sports cars and showed everyone that AMG were truly the best at modifiying Mercedes cars. From then on, AMG would continue to unleash its powerful tuned beasts for example the “Hammer”.

After that, Mercedes worked out a contract with the reputable tuning company so that they could sell AMG cars at their dealerships (which was good for both of the companies). They continued to add more power, give better wheels and improve aerodynamics on Mercedes vehicles. In 1999, Daimler-Chrysler AG (which owns Mercedes) bought the majority of shares in AMG.

Fun Fact! Did you know that AMG made a Mitsubishi once? It was called the Galant and AMG basically did what they do to all of the other cars that they work on.

Each engine made by AMG is hand built by highly qualified engineers for the greatest quality possible. According to the show Up to Speed on Donut Media, they are so good that one person can complete an engine in about three hours.

Mercedes AMG G63 6×6 (with a Brabus custom on it)

To this day, AMG is still the best at tuning Mercedes cars as it shows that not only sports cars can be fast, but sedans can be too. Also, they are still dominating in motorsport with their most successful being their F1 team “AMG Petronas”. Thank you for reading and please continue to scroll through my blog.


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