The Bugatti Chiron

Well, it isn’t actually the fastest car (that’s the Bloodhound SSC though only some would consider it as a car) but it is the fastest one in production allowed on the road. It was named after a legendary racing driver named Louis Chiron who became famous when racing in the Monaco Grand Prix with a Bugatti.
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The Bugatti Chiron is a monster car with a W16 quad-turbo engine producing 1479 horsepower. Almost 300 more than it’s predecessor, the Veyron. It also produces 1180 pound feet of tourque. It is electronically limited to 261 mph (Bugatti said that any higher would put too much pressure on the tires) and can reach 0-60 mph in 2.3 seconds.
The predecessor, the Bugatti Veyron, though it was fast, it was never really much to look at. Sure it could pull of blistering speeds, but it didn’t even get close in looks compared to a Lamborghini. The Chiron though is a different story. From the 4 square lights on each side at the front to the long rear light at the back of the car, it is truly something to look at.
The Chiron doesn’t only have a crazy top speed and horsepower, but also has some other crazy stats. The Chiron sucks in 60,000 liters of air a minute, and 200 gallons of water pass through the engine every minute. Jeremy Clarkson said in the Grand Tour that it can apparently fill a bathtub in 12 seconds. If you were to drive the car flat out, it would drain its tank in nine minutes.
Of course, to go fast, Bugatti knew that the car had to light and the material to make a light car is Carbon Fiber. The Chiron has so much carbon fiber that it could wrap around the earth 86 times. If you are thinking ‘Oh, isn’t carbon fiber really expensive’, this Bugatti is really expensive selling at approximately 3,000,000 USD so Bugatti knows that it has to be worth it.
The Chiron has been called by many people as unbelievably comfortable at low speeds and delivers torque in a very smooth way. That is the biggest point that makes the Chiron so amazing. You can go 261 mph without having to wear a racing suit and crash helmet (though you probably should if you want to go that speed.
The Bugatti Chiron has quite a few modes depending on what you are doing. In EB mode, the car automatically adjusts the dampeners for optimal comfort and agility as well. Then there is lift mode which raises the front of the car incase you need it. Then there is AutoBahn mode (the Autobahn is a highway in Germany famous for not having any speed limits) which will anyways activate at 112 mph. Which lowers and stiffens the suspension and raises the wing to its highest position for maximum stability and downforce. After that you get handling mode. This also puts the wing in its highest position, increases the stiffness of the car and also increases the steering response. Finally, there is top speed mode. To activate this, you have to turn a special key on the drivers left side. This puts the wing in its middle position and tunes the car for top speed.
The Chiron is such an extraordinary car that it is impossible to explain everything about it. From the looks, to the speed that it can achieve, it is mind-boggling. Thank you for reading and please continue to look through our website.

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  1. Wow I can’t believe you made this website only as a 13 year old! Keep the good work dude, non-binary, or dudette! You seem to be extremely interested in cars.(which is a good thing)


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