Which is better, NASCAR or F1?

There are famous debates like is water wet and Laurel or Yanny and for car guys, it’s NASCAR vs F1. I will analyze both and then try to give my best and hopefully unbiased opinion.

NASCAR and F1 are two very different types of motorsport. They have different tracks and cars and are both very popular. This causes people to dispute over which one is better. To settle this argument, we have to look to look at key parts of both motorsports and compare them. Im going to do this and then give as unbiased of a conclusion as I can.

First, lets start of with pit stops. NASCAR and F1 both have very different rules which makes both of them very different. Let’s start of with F1. On an F1 pit crew, there are around 20 people that work at the same time each doing different jobs however on NASCAR, there are only 6 people allowed at a time. This makes the pit stops take very different times with F1 coming in at around two seconds where as NASCAR takes anywhere from 6 to 16 seconds to complete. Another reason is some of the rules imposed on the way the cars are built that can affect this for example, NASCAR wheels have to have five lug nuts while F1 cars can have one making it easier to change an F1 wheel.

Next we should talk about the tracks. NASCAR owns 13 tracks however F1 uses 21. I think that F1 wins against NASCAR any day of the week. NASCAR tracks are different types of ovals, all different lengths and slightly different but in my mind they are basically the same thing because they only turn left. In F1, you have all sorts of bends and straights and all of the tracks are different making the races more exciting. Another thing is that NASCAR tracks are really only America (there is also one in Canada) and the tracks aren’t really anything to look at however F1 tracks are all around the world in all sorts of continents which make the scenery around the tracks a lot different. NASCAR tracks however are a lot wider and make it easier to overtake and make race results different. Almost all of the time in F1, you get the same sort of results with Mercedes wining and then Ferrari and Red Bull battling it out.

Fun fact: Did you that Red Bull also owns the F1 team Toro Rosso which translates to Red Bull.

Finally, it’s time to talk about the cars. Now we have to remember that each of these cars have different purposes. F1 cars need lots downforce because they have to go through corners however stock cars have to have lots of top speed so they have little aero. NASCAR cars have very low revving engines and are a lot heavier than the F1 cars. A NASCAR usually costs around $150,000 where as an F1 car costs about $10,500,000 because they have so much tech.

Over all, I think that Formula 1 has to be the winner. Its just generally more exciting and I think more impressive in almost all ways.

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